Newsletter Issue 121

Data protection: Taskforce recommends replacement of UK GDPR; European Commission adopts UK adequacy decisions
Employment: Acas publishes guidance on hybrid working; Updated Home Office guidance – right to work
Procurement: Public Procurement (Agreement on Government Procurement) (Amendment) Regulations 2021; Update to requirements for publishing information on Contracts Finder
Tax: Vat deferral payment scheme closed
FAQ Procurement: What is the National Procurement Policy Statement?
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Newsletter Issue 120

Data protection: Data Sharing Code of Practice before Parliament; ICO to consult on bespoke UK standard contractual clauses; Anonymisation, pseudonymisation and privacy enhancing technologies guidance
Employment: Right to work checks – Coronavirus (COVID-19); Long Covid advice for employers and workers; Employment Rights Act 1996 (Protection from Detriment in Health and Safety Cases) (Amendment) Order 2021
Tax: HMRC Employer Bulletin June 2021
FAQ: Governance – What is the Professional Qualifications Bill 2021-22?
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Newsletter Issue 119

In this issue, the topics we will cover are as follows:

Governance: OFS Statement of Expectations – Prevent and address harassment and sexual misconduct; Proposals to strengthen freedom of speech at Universities; HSE guidance: Making your workplace COVID-secure

Employment:   EAT- strike out of claim and litigants in person; Household costs tax relief for homeworkers extended; EAT- sex discrimination and shared parental leave; EAT- determining substantial adverse effect under Equality Act 2010

Charity: Guidance on resuming public charitable fundraising

FAQ: Contract – Are electronic signatures valid and admissible after 1 January 2021? Read Full Article…

Newsletter Issue 118

Data Protection: ICO plans for anonymisation guidance
Governance: Additional six months for 2020-21 gender pay gap reporting; Home Office launches central registry for slavery statements; New statement of changes to Immigration Rules
Employment: Tribunal – dismissal for refusing to wear face mask was fair; ACAS guidance – getting COVID -19 vaccines for work; EAT – auxiliary aids and reasonable adjustments; Court of Appeal – removal of director and discrimination
FAQ Employment – What are the National Minimum Wage (Amendment) Regulations 2021?
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Newsletter Issue 117

Public Procurement: PPN 01/21 Procurement in an Emergency
Governance: OFS consultation on harassment and sexual misconduct in HE
Employment: End of employment and grievance procedures
Data protection: ICO toolkit for organisations using data analytics; EU Commission publishes draft adequacy decision for UK
FAQ: Employment – Can an employer use equality and diversity training to rely on the defence in section 109(4) of the Equality Act 2010?
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Older News Items

Newsletter Issue 116

The topics covered in this edition include: Governance: UK-EU future relationship; OFS issues letter to HEIs on regulation during current phase of pandemic. Data Protection: FOIA: Withholding of Employee qualification and Training information from disclosure permissible under section 40(2). Employment: Updated government guidance on work absences due to Coronavirus. Read Full Article…

Newsletter Issue 115

The Topics covered in this issue include: Procurement: Guidance on public sector procurement after the end of Brexit transition period; Application for summary judgment and automatic stay lifted in procurement claim. Data Protection: ICO publishes detailed guidance on criminal offence data. Employment: HMRC issues updated guidance to reflect extension of Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. Read Full Article…

Newsletter Issue 114

The topics covered in this issue include: Employment: Gender fluid/non-binary employee covered by Equality Act 2010 definition of gender reassignment; Indirect age discrimination: establishing group and individual disadvantage; Data Protection: ICO’s open letter and further update to regulatory approach during health emergency; ICO publishes updated guidance on data access requests; Governance: UUK publishes new guidance on international collaborations; UUK: checklist for supporting students who are required to self-isolate

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Newsletter Issue 113

The following Topics are covered in this Newsletter: Employment: Material factor needs to explain but not justify pay disparity (Court of Appeal); Reasonable adjustment includes undertaking by Employer. Data Protection: ICO Issues updated statement on Schrems II judgement; Governance: New Points-based immigration system rules for International Students; Department of Education: Updated guidance for HEIs in England ahead of new term; Charity: HMRC updates policy on digital advertising services to charities. FAQ: When is Covid related SSP payable.
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Newsletter issue 112

The topics covered in this issue include: Procurement: ECJ: Preclusion of non-profit-making bodies from participating in public procurement procedure even though entitled to offer same services under national law deemed unlawful PPN 04/20: Recovery and transition from...

Newsletter issue 111

The topics covered in this issue include: Employment: Self-isolation after contact tracing deemed incapacity for SSP; Breach of confidentiality clause did not entitle employer to cease settlement payments; ACAS publishes guidance on conducting disciplinary and...

Newsletter issue 110

The topics covered in this issue include: Employment: Supreme Court: Employer not vicariously liable for data breach by employee; Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme opens; New Regulations come into force providing for SSP for those in isolation Data Protection: ICO...

Newsletter Issue 109

The topics covered in this issue are as follows: Employment: EHRC publishes guidance on harassment and victimisation in workplace Parental Bereavement (Leave and Pay) Act 2018 ACAS guidance for employers on the use of non-disclosure agreements Data protection: ICO...

Newsletter Issue 108

The topics covered in this issue are as follows: Data protection: ICO accountability consultation Charity: Charity Commission issues updated safeguarding guidance Charity Commission and anti-cybercrime agency publish report and guidance Employment: EHRC guidance on...

Newsletter Issue 107

The following topics are covered in this newsletter:
Governance: OfS and standard contract template; UUK guidance on dangers of initiations
Procurement: OJEU notices and ineffectiveness claims
Data Protection: Right to be forgotten
Employment: NI Court of Appeal: reasonable adjustments and autism
FAQ Equality: What is a belief for the purposes of the Equality Act 2010?
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