Framework agreements

There are two legal services framework arrangements of particular relevance to the HE sector at present.  These are described briefly, as follows.

LUPC/NEUPC (England and Wales)

A new national Legal Services Framework agreement, covering England and Wales, was introduced in May 2017, and will run to 18 May 2020.  This arrangement includes a separate lot for each of the following areas of work:

  • Property (estates)
  • HR (including HR dispute resolution)
  • Dispute resolution
  • Governance (constitutional, charity, higher education, academic registry)
  • Commercial
  • Student matters

There is also a One-stop shop lot available, which covers the provision of legal services in all areas.

These arrangements may be accessed through the relevant procurement consortia, and contracts may be ‘called off’ by direct award, desktop exercise, or further competition.

APUC (Scotland)

APUC currently manage a framework agreement for HEIs in Scotland.  This runs from December 2017 to 18 December 2020.  We understand that the following lots are available to relevant institutions:

  • Commercial Business
  • Property & Estates
  • People/HR Matters
  • Charity
  • International
  • One-Stop-Shop


We encourage subscriber institutions to consider using these framework agreements, where appropriate.  The LUPC/NEUPC and APUC arrangements have been established specifically for the benefit of the sector, should offer competitive and consistent pricing and, in each case, represent the product of a considerable amount of work by the prospective suppliers, institution managers and other contributing parties.

As outlined above, HE Shared Legal will be happy to provide guidance and support in relation to the operation of the framework arrangements.