OFT report on academic sanctions for non-tuition fee debt, etc

Further to investigations into a complaint (from the NUS) in July 2013, the OFT has issued a report on the imposition by universities of academic sanctions in relation to the recovery of non-tuition fee debt from students (e.g. for accommodation), and the conduct of students unrelated to academic performance.  In the 54 page report entitled ‘Universities’ Terms and Conditions’, it is stated that the report intends to ‘set out the OFT’S views on the legal position and provide clarity to the higher education sector, and to students, about the risks of continuing to use such terms and conditions.’

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Issue 57

Governance: OFT report on academic sanctions for non-tuition fee debt, etc

Procurement: Advocate General considers the Teckal exemption; New public procurement directives adopted by Council of the European Union; Cabinet Office offers training for public sector organisations

Employment: Zero Hours Contracts Bill 2012 -2013; Acas guidance on questions of discrimination; Percentage threshold scheme to be abolished; Tribunal fees: Unison's judicial review challenge dismissed

Environmental: CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

Commercial Agreements: Pre-contractual negotiations and misrepresentations

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Pre-contractual negotiations and misrepresentations

In this case, the Supreme Court stated that ‘In principle, the possibility that a representation may continue to be asserted, and may have a causative effect so as to induce the conclusion of the contract, is not necessarily excluded where, as in the present case, the contracting parties are not the original representor and representee’.

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